Other FAQS

Is the CatGenie SaniSolution safe for cats?

Yes! The SaniSolution120 is safe for cats. The SaniSolution (both scent free and fresh scent) is made with the same ingredients used for sanitising veterinarian operating and examination areas. The fluid in the reservoir is highly concentrated. In this form, it is safe only if it is in the hopper.


How long does SaniSolution last?

SaniSolution lasts: 240 cycles in "Cat activation" mode and 120 cycles in Auto-Set mode. ALWAYS have spare Sanisolutin box on hand.

Does SaniSolution liquefy or dissolve solids?

SaniSolution cleans and disinfects biodegradable washable granules, GenieHand and bowl.

Can I add a cleaning solution to the SaniSolution cartridge?

No, the cartridge can't be refilled. The unique Smart Cartridge mechanism releases the exact amount of solution for each of the three washes in one cleaning cycle, as each wash requires a different amount of solution. SaniSolution perfectly cleans Granules, bowl and also helps to protect mechanical parts of the device.

Is the CatGenie eco-friendly?

The Smart Cartridge with SaniSolution solution replaces cat litter. Unlike all types of litter, all SaniSolution ingredients, the container, and the washable granules are environmentally safe, biodegradable, and recyclable.

What happens if my cat is in the CatGenie when a cleaning cycle is about to begin?

Built-in sensors (GenieEyes) detect when your cat is in the bowl. The cleaning cycle will not begin until all cats have left the CatGenie.

Will my water bill increase using CatGenie?

It shouldn't increase. Using CatGenie is like when you flush your toilet a few times more.

What happens with the wastewater?

The wastewater drains safely into the sewer. If the CatGenie is used in the bathroom, the waste hose is hung over the toilet and the waste drains into the toilet. When used in a laundry room, the waste drains into the drainpipe of the washing machine.

Can wastewater get into the washing machine?

When connecting hoses to the drain: No. If the CatGenie drain hose is properly attached to the drain pipe from the washing machine, then contaminated water cannot get into the laundry. This waste pipe opens directly into the sewer or septic tank. NOTE: the hose inserted inside the drain pipe can be a maximum of 12 cm long.

Can a normal toilet overflow when CatGenie waste drains into it?

No. The water level in the bowl automatically drops to normal. It can overflow only if the drain is blocked.

What happens if solids remain on CatGenie Hand?

During the three washing cycles the CatGenie Hand is washed by water, SaniSolution, and washable and biodegradable Granules.

Do Granules absorb the dirt?

No, they don't. Granules are cleaned very quickly and they are not made from the same materials as a normal cat litter. Their shape is designed for cat's need to dig and cover.

Are the CatGenie Granules safe? What if my cat ingests them?

Yes! The Granules are safe. The Granules are made from a non-toxic combination of natural and synthetic materials. If your cat swallows them, the Granules will simply pass through their digestive system.

Where is the best place to locate the CatGenie?

The best places for the Catgenie are a laundry room, bathroom, or technical room.

You will need:

  • water from the water pipe through which cold water flows into the washing machine, sink or toilet
  • drain pipe from the washing machine or toilet for the removal of the dirt
  • electrical outlet


Does CatGenie take a lot of space? How much space is needed?

Be sure that CatGenie can stay in your home and measure the space.

The height of the device is 53 cm, depth 61 cm, the width of the front part is 48 cm, the width of the lower part of the base is 43 cm, the width of the upper part is 41 cm.


Is it difficult to set up CatGenie?

Not at all! You don't have to be a plumber to set up it. In the box, you will find a very detailed manual for assembling and installing the device.

Bathroom /Toilet Set up

CatGenie in a bathroom requires an easy, one time Do-It-Yourself connection to fresh, COLD water intake, a toilet and an electric outlet.


  1. Turn mains water off as a precaution. Use supplied self-cutting tap to connect to the toilet or sink cold water line.
  2. Screw the CatGenie water hose to the self-cutting tap. Be careful not to over-tighten or get cross threaded.
  3. Turn the mains water back on, turn on the self cutting tap & check for leaks.
  4. Hook the CatGenie drainage hose over the rim of the toilet and under the seat. You can keep it there and still use the toilet.
  5. Plug into an electric outlet. (30 secs). You can pre program your CatGenie to run automatically up to four times a day or simply push a button to start.

Laundry Set Up


  1. Turn valve to shut off COLD water.
  2. Unscrew the water-line hose under the valve.
  3. Attach that hose to the provided ¾ inch T-Adapter then attach the T, to the water line.
  4. Screw the CatGenie hose to the T-Adapter. Turn cold water back on.
  5. Hook the drainage hose into the washing machine drain pipe. Won’t interfere with washer.
  6. Plug into an electrical outlet. Program your CatGenie to run from one to four times a day, or simply push a button to start washing.

How does the cleaning cycle activate?

The CatGenie features a motion sensor that detects when your cat is using the CatGenie cat box. When your cat finishes and leaves, the CatGenie automatically begins a cleaning cycle, it has three phases:

  1. Solids are scooped away with the Genie Hand, then they are liquefied and sent out.
  2. The CatGenie washes the granules with a mixture of cold water and SaniSolution (fresh scent or scent-free). During this cycle, CatGenie sanitizes, scrubs and cleanses the bowl and granules.
  3. Lastly, the CatGenie blow-dries the bowl and the granules.

Your cat will always find it's cat box fresh and clean!

CatGenie 3 different activation options:

  • Cat Activation: The CatGenie is equipped with built-in sensors (Genie Eyes) that detect when your cat is using the box. The CatGenie will automatically run a cleaning cycle 10 or 30 minutes after your cat leaves the box.
  • Automatic Start: Automatic Start allows you to preset the CatGenie to automatically run cleaning cycles up to 4 times a day.
  • Manual Activation: You can manually start a cleaning cycle when you want. Simply press the START button on the CatGenie unit.

Will my cat acclimate to the CatGenie even if used to normal cat litter box?

Yes. Sometimes we have to help the cat and be patient, but in the end, every cat gets used to it. By placing the CatGenie on the same place of old litter box we can make it easier for the cat to understand that it's a new cat box. You can also leave the old cat box nearby and don't clean it.

The cat will understand soon that it's better to use fresh and clean cat box instead of an old dirty one.


How long does the cleaning process take?

It takes 35 minutes.

How does the entire cleaning process work?

  • The cat uses the toilet.
  • Build-in sensors detect that cat left the bowl, the cleaning process starts automatically 10 minutes after.
  • CatGenie Hand removes solids.
  • Water and SaniSolution wash the granules and the bowl.
  • Solids are liquefied in the hopper and go to the waste drain.
  • The hot air dries the Granules and the inside of the bowl
  • The cat box is ready for use again.

Can I interrupt the cleaning cycle?

Yes, you can interrupt the cleaning cycle by pressing the Start / Pause button.

What is the need for SaniSolution?

For one cat the need is 3,5 boxes per year.

Can I buy another SaniSolution cartridges?

Yes, of course! You can buy scent-free version of Sanisolution or scented version of SaniSolution here.

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