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PPL professional parcel logistics

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Delivery to:

Price inc. VAT*
Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Italy 12 EUR
Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Bulgaria, Ireland 18 EUR
Portugal, Luxembourg 33 EUR

* the price is for 1 package

Payments are realized via a 3D secured payment gate. Easiest, fastest and safest way to pay for your purchase.



Delivery to:

up to 5 kg up to 10 kg
Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia 9 EUR 11 EUR
Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania 14 EUR 16 EUR
Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands 18 EUR 23 EUR
Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden 27 EUR 29 EUR


Delivery to:

Price inc VAT
Great Britain (delivery time: at least 7 days), Switzerland 33 EUR
Turkey 40 EUR
Cyprus, Malta, Norway 60 EUR
Saudi Arabia 163 EUR
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