Food Processor

In case you didn't know, the NutraMilk is a real game changer when it comes to kitchen appliances! If you're wondering how the NutraMilk compares to your blender and other food processors, we can only tell you this: The NutraMilk is not a blender, it is not a food processor BUT it can replace BOTH! It's simple math, really. 1 BLENDER + 1 FOOD PROCESSOR + 1 JUICER = 1 NUTRAMILK

. The NutraMilk cuts out the extra tools and the time investment. The ingredients do not need to be soaked overnight because the motor is so powerful and there is no straining or multiple steps required to achieve an alternative milk that is superior in consistency and taste to nut milks made the traditional way. Why have multiple machines when you just need one, The NutraMilk.

From dips to cheese to treats, you’ve gotta try some of these delicious and nutritious recipes to use with your NutraMilk!

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