Hygiene of self-washing cat box CatGenie

1) Does the CatGenie toilet comply with European standards?

Yes. The CatGenie self-washing cat box complies with European standards. All solids are liquefied and go to the sewer as normal household waste. We don't burden waste or landfills with ordinary cat litter.

2) I use traditional cat litter and there is a horrible smell it the house all the time. Will it be the same with the CatGenie?

Not at all. Especially in the "cat activation" mode, the toilet is cleaned 10 minutes after the cat use. The sanitizing solution SaniSolution cleans all impurities, and germs, and remove odors. The cat box doesn't smell bad and there is no dust around. In addition, you can find also SaniSolution fresh-scented that leaves the cat box and the ambient nicely scented.

3) How do I know that Granules are washed well if used only cold water?

Because it's cleaned also with the SaniSolution cleaning solution that contains the same disinfectants as used by veterinarians. You can choose between a scent-free and fresh scented version.

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