General questions about CatGenie

1) Is the CatGenie safe for cats?

Yes, it is! Built-in sensors (GenieEyes) detect when your cat is in the bowl. The cleaning cycle will not begin until all cats have left the CatGenie. The SaniSolution (both scent-free and fresh scent) used to clean the Granules and bowl, is made with the same ingredients used for sanitizing veterinarian operating and examination areas. The Granules are made from a non-toxic combination of natural and synthetic materials. If your cat swallows them, the Granules will simply pass through their digestive system.

2) Our cat goes to the cat box very often. We think that she goes there just to dig and play. Can we avoid that cat box will be cleaned every time after the visit?

Yes. It’s enough to set automatic cleaning cycles that cleans two times per day. In this case, we also recommend getting the cat checked by a vet since it can have cystitis or another health issue.

3) What do I need to change my old cat litter for the CatGenie?

You will need only a cold water supply and a connection to the drain.

4) We have the CatGenie for more than one year and we simply love it! When we did the last maintenance, it seemed that GenieHand needed to be changed. Do we have to buy a new CatGenie or there is another option?

You don't have to buy a new CatGenie cat box. Check out the e-shop section where you find all the accessories you need for your CatGenie cat box.

5) We are interested in CatGenie but our cat needs complete privacy. Is there some option also for shy cats?

Yes, of course! Check out the e-shop section where you find all the accessories for the CatGenie. Especially for shy cats, there are GenieDome hood and Genie doors.

6) We bought the CatGenie cat box and our cat loves it! We still have some boxes of old cat litter. Can we mix it with CatGenie Granules?

No way! Never use the other cat litter or mix it with CatGenie Granules. Other forms of cat litter (clumping, crystal, pine wood etc.) will damage the CatGenie unit, clog your pipes and void your warranty. The reusable Washable Granules are specifically designed for safe use with the CatGenie Self-Cleaning Litter Box. If some boxes of cat litter remained, donate them to your friend, vet clinic, or a cat shelter.


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