Story of NutraMilk

It all began with a cup of coffee

In December 2014, while having coffee at his local cafe, Brian Gross, President of Brewista, Inc. recognized the need for a simpler and faster method for making fresh, wholesome nut milk at coffee shops. Brian is lactose intolerant and has dietary restrictions from having hyperglycemia, so he avoids dairy as a result. The master engineer thought, "Why not design a machine that can make nut milks quickly and easily?"

Research and Collaboration

For more than 3 years, Brian and our Brewista team worked closely with the Industrial Design department of Metropolitan State University of Denver. The NutraMilk project was initially developed over the course of 2 semesters at MSU Denver in 2015. 4 students with contributions to the final design will be included on the utility patents!

In March of 2017, we ran a Kickstarter campaign to gain valuable insights into the potential market. The campaign was successful in reaching its funding goal and we received helpful feedback from our audience. An Indiegogo campaign was soon to follow and further research and development took place.

Award Winning

Also in March of 2017, Brewista's NutraMilk was named one of 5 finalists in the Kitchen Electrics category for the International Housewares Associations Global Innovation Award (gia). The concept was chosen from hundreds of applicants. The NutraMilk received the 2017 gia Finalist Award in Kitchen Electrics[/caption] To help consumers understand what the NutraMilk is capable of, the Brewista team worked with nutritionists to develop hundreds of recipes to be included in a beautiful recipe book that accompanies each first-generation model of the NutraMilk. Select recipes can be found in the Recipes section of In July 2017, we officially began tooling and started production in September. The NutraMilk launched early December 2017 just in time for the holidays. Since then the NutraMilk has been featured by numerous media sources.


What makes the NutraMilk better than traditional methods for making Nut Milk?

The NutraMilk is the world's first appliance designed specifically for creating butters and milks from nuts and seeds, establishing a new category of kitchen electrics. The NutraMilk’s patent pending, revolutionary method of making delicious, healthy nut milk from virtually any type of nut makes the once tedious process simple and fast. Its powerful 3/4 horsepower, 1800 RPM motor breaks down 1-2 cups of nuts to their cellular level in a matter of minutes resulting in a smooth and creamy nut butter. If nut milk is your desire, add water to the mix and with the press of a button the butter and water are forced through fine 100 mesh screens creating smooth additive-free nut milk in just a minute more.

Traditional methods of making nut milk at home require at least 3 pieces of equipment and plenty of time for the ingredients to be soaked overnight. The NutraMilk cuts out the extra tools and the time investment. The ingredients do not need to be soaked overnight because the motor is so powerful and there is no straining or multiple steps required to achieve an alternative milk that is superior in consistency and taste to nut milks made the traditional way. The NutraMilk is also primarily made of top-rack dishwasher safe parts so clean up is a snap! (Please refer to the owner's manual for proper cleaning instructions.)

With alternative milks of all varieties available at even the most basic grocery stores these days, why make nut milks from scratch anyway? Despite the marketing hype, those brand-name alternative milks are typically 95-98% water (that means 2-5% nut content), have added fillers and emulsifiers (often ones that have been cited as carcinogenic like carrageenan), contain added sugar, and more. Alternative milks created with the NutraMilk contains 15% nut content with only the additives you want to include!

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