CatGenie for more cats


1) We have three cats at home. Is CatGenie suitable for them?

Sure! CatGenie is a great solution for the house where are more cats. Cats don't like to use a dirty cat box or place used by another cat. The best option is the activation of cleaning by cat because every other cat will find the cat box nice and clean. For more than two cats older six months we recommend two cat boxes.

2) We have three cats and each of them needs its cat box. With the CatGenie the situation will be the same?

We don't think so. Cats need more cat boxes because they don't like to use the cat box that is dirty and smelly. CatGenie is always clean and fresh so your cats will not need to use another cat box.

3) We are having two cats and planning to adopt one another. Our cats use the CatGenie without problems, but what about the new one?

The new cat will follow the others. You can set activation by the cat cleaning program, so the CatGenie will clean itself every time after one of the cats uses it. Or you can set an automatic program - it's important to think about amounts of cleaning cycles: one cat needs two cleaning cycles, two cats four cycles, three cats six cycles.

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