How do I get my cat to use a new cat box?


1) Will my cat acclimate to the CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box?

Yes. Sometimes we have to help the cat and be patient, but in the end, every cat gets used to it. By placing the CatGenie on the same place of old litter box we can make it easier for the cat to understand that it's a new cat box. You can also leave the old cat box nearby and don't clean it. The cat will understand soon that it's better to use fresh and clean cat box instead of an old dirty one.

2) Can be CatGenie used by a kitten?

Yes, of course. Kittens are curious and very adaptable. If the kitten will see the older cat using CatGenie it automatically copies the behave. If there is no older cat in the house, you will adapt your kitten the same as with other cat litter boxes.

3) I bought the CatGenie two months ago. First, my cat didn't want to use it, so we left there also the previous one. When we saw that he wants to do his business we put him to CatGenie. After a while he got used to it and now he uses both cat boxes. Can we remove the old cat box?

Let's try it! You can completely remove the old cat box or just don't clean it. Your cat will very quickly understand that CatGenie is a better choice.

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