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NutraMilk Nut Processor

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Do you love fresh nut milk, but you don’t love the tedious process of making it at home? Are you tired of soaking nuts for hours or overnight only to have your nut milk last for a few days? Do you prefer nut milk that has no additives or emulsifiers?

We understand. That's why Brewista developed the NutraMilk.

Description produktu NutraMilk Nut Processor

image_21_04_20_03_27_1_NutraMilk’s patented, revolutionary method of making delicious, healthy nut milk from virtually any type of nut makes the once tedious process simple and fast.

With NutraMilk, you can make up to two liters of your favorite nut milk in less than 12 minutes, compared to the hours or days it takes using other methods, and at half the cost.

Unlike any other nut processor, its revolutionary design is patented, BPA free and CETL certified, so you know it’s safe to use right away.

Gone are the days of it taking hours to make your own nut milk and butter.

Forget soaking, grinding and straining nuts
for the milk that you want.

Whether you need cashew milk for your coffee, nut butter for your celery or toast or want to create your own unique nut milk blend for a healthy snack or beverage alternative, the NutraMilk is for you.

Easy to use

  • The NutraMilk Nut Processor
  • A copy of 200 DELICIOUS & HEALTHY RECIPES for your NutraMilk from Nuts, Seeds, Grains & More by Rita Rivera
  • Cleaning Brush

  • Capacity: Produces up to 2 liters of alternative milk
  • Processes up to 5 cups of nuts for up to 3 cups of alternative butter
  • Motor: 220/240 V, 500W, 3/4hp, 1800 RPM
  • Low db. running motor (65 dBa.)
  • On/Off Switch with red light indicator
  • Safety mechanism
  • LCD display
  • 4 suction cup feet on base prevent slipping
  • Clear dishwasher-safe, BPA-free Tritan Canister
  • Water level indicator
  • Built-in dispensing spigot
  • Photo-etched stainless steel filter emulsifies the alternative butter in water filtering out fine particles resulting in a smooth, rich alternative milk
  • Stainless steel double cutting blade
  • CETL Certified
  • The NutraMilk Nut Processor is NSF Certified - Certificates: C0299824 - 02 and C0288930 - 02

Specifications produktu NutraMilk Nut Processor

Hlučnost 65 dBa
Weight 7,72 kg
Kapacita 2 l of beverage / 5 cups of nuts produce 3 cups of nutbutter
Voltage 220/240 V
Počet otáček 1800
Příkon 500 W
Dimensions (h / w / d) 46 x 20 x 26 cm
Výkon 3/4 HP
Warranty 2 years